Dunbar Drama Presents Sweeney Todd

The 2018 spring musical peformed on April 25-29.

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  • The ensemble cast gathers around Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) in the opening number.

  • The ensemble runs to get miracle elixir.

  • Townsperson (Arnez Isabel) waits for a shave from Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor).

  • Townsman (Addison Adams) waits for a haircut by Adolfo Pirelli (Samuel Isenhour).

  • Adolfo Pirelli (Samuel Isenhour) meets Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) at the barber shop.

  • Mrs. Lovett (Mackenzie McConnell) shoos away the beggar woman (Emma Draper) from her shop.

  • Johanna (Jamie Bradley) and Anthony (Dylan Beers) sing a romantic duet as they reunite.

  • The Beadle (Nick Clevenger) sings about Sweeney Todd.

  • Mrs. Lovett (Mackenzie McConnell) sings a song to Sweeney Todd about her plan.

  • A few of the actor’s wait in Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop.

  • Townspeople dance at the mayors party.

  • Toby (Katy Rucker) sells the magic hair elixir to Mrs. Lovett (Mackenzie McConnell) and Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor).

  • Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) takes his next victim (Abby Kelley).

  • The townspeople gather to eat pies and drink at Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop.

  • A member of the ensemble (Angela Fu) waves her arms as a part of the dance.

  • Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) raises his barber knife.

  • The Beadle (played by freshman Nick Clevenger) sings a song from a book.

  • The ensemble raises their arms in unison.

  • Anthony (Dylan Beers) sings a song to Johanna (Jamie Bradley) expressing his love for her.

  • Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) turns away the beggar woman (Emma Draper) from his shop.

  • Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) embraces Mrs. Lovett (Mackenzie McConnell).

  • Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) lifts his knife over his next victim.

  • Toby (Katy Rucker) hovers over the dead body of Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor).

  • Toby (Katy Rucker) reaches out while singing a warning song about Sweeney Todd.

  • Beggar woman (Emma Draper) singing a solo.

  • Sweeney Todd (Max Taylor) grasps the hand of his dead wife (Emma Draper).

  • The ensemble bows for the crowd.

  • The cast throws their arms up in support for the sound crew.