PLD Fashion Show 2018

The fashion show was held on April 18 in Dunbar’s auditorium.

Every year, the fashion and marketing students present a prom fashion show featuring the latest trends in formal wear. This year was particularly special because Mrs. Mary Piper, who has led the fashion marketing department for nearly 20 years, is retiring. Because this was her last show, Mrs. Piper’s husband surprised her with flowers in the finale.

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  • Sophia Mitchell showcasing an off the shoulder white dress.

  • Celino Luo leads her group while wearing a strapless black prom dress.

  • Sophomore Gabby Rudzik models a navy prom dress.

  • Sophomores of the fashion marketing class walk out modeling prom dresses.

  • Sophia Piper, a student from SCAPA, performs a dance during intermission.

  • Megan Dryer smiling as she models a romper.

  • Sophia Mitchell modeling a lace red dress.

  • Katrina Contreras modeling across the stage.

  • Junior Jenna Helmburg posing in a black suede dress.

  • Kailey Boyles smiling while posing in her gown.

  • Sophia Mitchell posing with hands on hips.

  • Alex Chavez modeling a tuxedo.

  • Soccoro Rodriguez walking down the stage in casual wear.

  • Anna Davis posing in a sparkly ombré gown.

  • Senior Kailey Boyles looks down at the stage.

  • Bailey Conley styling a yellow prom dress.

  • Katrina Contreas smiling to the crowd in a blue prom dress.

  • Juniors Grace Mortenson and Katrina Contreas pose side by side in prom dresses.

  • Daisy Garner stops and poses for the audience.

  • Senior Sophia Mitchell crosses the stage.

  • Socorro Rodriguez walks out on stage in a formal gown.

  • Sophomore Peyton Gash walking with hand on hip across the stage.

  • Sophia Piper modeling a prom dress.

  • Elizabeth George posing in prom wear.

  • Caroline Browne puts on a serious face for the crowd.

  • Katrina Contreas poses in her group’s formation.

  • Tori Elias walks out showcasing her dress.

  • Junior Grace Mortenson walks to the front of the stage.

  • Celina Luo and Megan Dryer pose for the crowd.

  • Sophomore Abigail Layne looks out to the crowd.

  • The fashion class walks down the stairs onto the stage for the final bows.

  • Juniors Bailey Conley and Daisy Garner bump hips in the finale.

  • Seniors Daija Parker and Jamara Price raise their hands for applause.

  • Mary Piper and her fashion class take a final bow at the end of the show.

  • Jimmy Piper, husband of Mary Piper, delivers her flowers at the end of the show.