Students, Dunbar Misses You!

Dunbar faculty shares heartfelt messages to help cheer students up.

After COVID-19 shut down schools in Fayette County until April 20, PLD Lamplighter wanted to do something for students at home who might need a message of encouragement from their teachers and counselors.

With high levels of uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus, several faculty and staff members let students know that they understood and that they were experiencing the same fears, uncertainty, and even a little sadness.

Editor-in-Chief Olivia Doyle said, “It is important to remember in times like now, spreading a little bit of positivity can go a long way.”

Many students agree. The video’s reception on Facebook has been not only from current students but also from PLD graduates.

“Enjoyed seeing the faces of many former teachers! I hope everybody is staying safe and healthy,” 2016 graduate Tim Michael said.

The goal for the video was for students and teachers to find some comfort in knowing that they’re still thinking about each other,” Lamplighter adviser Mrs. Wendy Turner said.

In her introduction to the video she explains to students that although it’s usually students in front of the camera, PLD Lamplighter wanted to do something a little different.

“It is supposed to be for the students, so we decided that only teachers should appear on screen,” she said.

Teachers who participated described how making the video was actually healing for them, too.

French teacher, Mrs. Jennifer McNely spoke French in her video to students. She said, “[The video] was lovely! It was great to see everyone in the video, although it made me miss everyone even more.”

The video featured teachers from most subject areas including English, math, science, social studies, and fine arts.

“Great for the students to see,” English teacher Mr. Trevor Tremaine said. “I put it on my [Google] Classroom!”

As teachers and students adjust to new online platforms, many agree that being connected to their teachers can make the transition easier.

“When this ends, and it will end,” Mrs. Turner said in the video’s introduction, “We will come back together and see each other again. Until then, we’re all in this together.”