Respect the Library

The Paul Laurence Dunbar Library is quite literally the core of Dunbar, located in the center of the building. Librarian Mrs. Summer Perry and library assistant Mrs. Hazel Compton are the friendly faces you’ll meet when you enter.

They both said that they want to emphasize that the library is a place for everyone, but they expect to be treated with respect. They also want to remind students to make sure that books are not damaged.

When asked about the most common problem, Mrs. Perry said water damage. This water damage is most likely due to students keeping their library books and water bottles in the same area inside their backpacks.

“Don’t keep your water bottle in your backpack, I have seen those things bust so many times,” Mrs. Perry said.

“Just use your little side pouch, or hold it if you don’t have one,” Mrs. Perry said.

Mrs. Perry mentioned that there are a few students who come into the library during the morning before school and have a tendency to leave their breakfast on the floor. It is important to remember that just like anywhere on school grounds, it is frowned upon for food to be left on the ground instead of in a trashcan. 

“It is very considerate to place food items in a trash can, and don’t throw Pop-Tarts at your friend’s head,” Mrs. Perry said jokingly.

Respecting any place you enter is an important thing to remember, so be mindful of your actions in the library.

“Luckily [disrespect] is rare, to begin with, almost all students do a good job with library rules,” she admitted.

Most students respect the library and all of its knowledge, but it is important for us not to forget that it is unacceptable for small rules to be broken. So what can students do to turn fantastic into exceptional?