Benefits of Having a Job as a Teenager

Many teenagers work on top of being in school. Take a look at the advantages these teens have.

There are many teenagers at Dunbar who balance their time with school and a job. This has its benefits and doubts.

Although having a job is good, students have to ensure their focus in school while working outside of it.

Students have to manage their grades and homework, along with determining how many hours they are available to work each week.

There are many benefits to having a job. It can help individuals with communication skills because working with others is common among most jobs. Such as retail, where customer service is important.

There are many scenarios in the retail industry where dealing with customers can get complicated. You have to deal with money, and sometimes customers get frustrated with what they bought or with issues they have at the store.

Another benefit is that it helps teens learn the value of a dollar.

One of the only ways to understand the value of money is by earning it. According to M.J. Alhabeeb of the New York Times, research has shown time and time again that economically successful adult life has a lot to do with the patterns people learn early on.

Kids should be exposed to these issues and be involved in them with good guidance. We know that not all employed teenagers spend their wages the same way; for one thing, boys tend to save less, and girls tend to spend more on clothing.

According to Studenomics,”Girls will tend to spend their money consistently with buying new makeup and clothes on a regular basis, which is a expensive habit. Boys, on the other hand, tend to make infrequent but bigger purchases.”

“I like having a job at American Eagle because it helps me build my money skills and time management, while also having schoolwork. It’s easier to decide what I will spend my money on each week when I get paid,” junior Tori Elias said.

The value of a dollar can be taught when children are younger. Having a job where one can receive income and choose how to spend it will benefit everyone.

Time management plays a factor when a high school student is employed.

An example of time management is coordinating your school schedule with your work schedule. So, when you have a test at school you can know in advance not to work the night before so you are able to study.

Although there are many positives that come with having a job in high school, there are some negatives, too. One negative is that having a job can be a distraction to academics.

Getting home late from work on weekdays effects students because they will stay up later to finish homework and study. This can affect them when they go to school the next day.