Teacher Prom King and Queen

Vote for Teacher Prom King and Queen now through April 12!

PLD is starting a new tradition this year honoring a teacher Prom King and Queen. Students nominated teachers at the end of March, and the top five nominees from each category have been chosen as “prom court.”

Prom King Court: Mr. Michael Mau, Mr. Daniel Janbakhsh, Mr. Nick Broady, Mr. Trevor Tremaine and Mr. Doug Wilkinson

Prom Queen Court: Mrs. Keia Scott-Newsome, Mrs. Allison Roberts, Mrs. Amber Faris, Mrs. Miranda Nesbitt, and Mrs. Tara Wilkinson.

Students can vote for King and Queen here: https://forms.gle/UrpYxd5d8LHr51Jr5.

Voting Ends on April 12.