Summer Opportunities for Students

Many high school students have been focusing on their future plans after high school such whether it’s college, trade school, the military or a job. Some, however, do not take into consideration volunteering opportunities and summer programs that could help them make their decisions about future careers.

There are many resources available for high school students. For example, when visiting the Dunbar Guidance web page, there are many programs that show up, ranging from career camps to leadership programs.

“There are quite a few local colleges that do summer programs for students. And I’ve always been a big supporter of students doing a two or three-week summer program,” social worker Mr. Steve Duerson said.

The University of Kentucky has many programs they do in the summer for upperclassmen. They have medical camps for juniors and seniors, a Freshman Summer Program for incoming UK students and Athletic Trainer shadowing opportunities. These are just a few examples that the University of Kentucky has to offer, but there are many more.

There are out-of-state programs for students to participate in if they choose not to do an in-state one. These are mainly for students who want to have a real college experience during the summer. Case Western Reserve University, Duke University, and Cornell University are just some of the colleges that participate in this college experience.

“We get emailed lots of opportunities for students to either work or to volunteer because one of our focuses is employment for students, especially for the summer,” Mrs. Shakira Goldsmith-Mason, Youth Services Center Coordinator said.

Volunteering is also a great opportunity for students. It can help build confidence and a strong character. It can create a positive effect on the community. The Youth Services Center at Dunbar focuses on helping students find volunteer opportunities or work jobs. They are a great resource for students to reach out to, especially if you are looking for a job.

“Students should volunteer because it teaches them to be respectful of other people,” said senior Erica Vain.

Summer jobs are also great opportunities for students. In Lexington, Kentucky many businesses are looking for jobs, either part or full time for students. The Youth Development Center of the Lexington Fayette Urban Government hires students (ages 14-17) for various businesses and organizations in Lexington. The Parks and Recreation Department also hires students (ages 16-18) to work at events, pools, or golf courses that are located in Lexington.

Back in Pittsburgh, where I used to live, I went to volunteer to feed the homeless. I learned a great deal doing it. It mostly taught me that I am lucky to be going to a school and having food every day, and I learned to be responsible. It’s a great opportunity for anyone. And I recommend doing it to anyone.