Hunting Eggs in the Hallways

On the eve of Easter weekend, Dunbar teachers implemented a school wide hunt for plastic eggs filled with positive messages and candy.


Mackenzie McConnell

Freshman Nasim Mohammadzadeh smiles with her punny egg.

On April 14  students were surprised to find hundreds of colorful plastic Easter eggs hidden all around the Dunbar.

English teacher Ms. Amanda Holt came up with the idea and said that she spontaneously put together this random acts of kindness project together with the help of several other teachers.

“This time of year, people get super stressed out, so I think it’s important to do things to show students how much we care about them and to encourage them to stay positive,” said Ms. Holt. “I really love the Dunbar community so I feel like the more cool, positive things we can put out, the better we’re going to be.”

At least one teacher from each department pitched in to provide plastic eggs filled with candy and inspirational quotes.  The teachers then hid the eggs around the school throughout the day.

“I thought it was such a good idea,” said Mrs. Tiffany Marsh. “It was something that was exciting, and got everyone in the school involved.”

Prior to the beginning of the school day, an announcement came over the intercom explaining the process: eggs were hidden around the building and in the hallways, and kids should try to limit themselves to retrieving just one.

Students said they had fun  finding egg. Freshmen Nasim Mohammadzadeh, Cate Cunningham and Libby Weaver each found an egg, and decided to continue the fun by refilling it and hiding it for another student to find.

“Cate [Cunningham] found an egg along with a little note that read ‘I hope you like shrimp, homie’,” said Weaver. “So I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to place the shrimp note in the egg and re-hide the egg with a penny and a dime?”

Cunningham laughed and said, “I think the egg has yet to be found.”

The event is just one of many that the school community has implemented to create a positive atmosphere in the building.

“[Today’s event] showed a lot of unity,” said Ms. Holt, who said she was happy with how teachers and students came together to have fun and spread positivity. “I think it says a lot about our school.”