Men’s Fall Fashion Trends

As a member of the male community here at Dunbar, I have faced my share of challenges when it comes to fashion. I have diagnosed myself with “fashion-phobia.” The symptoms include failure to match and an inclination to wear sweatpants every day. By surrounding myself with outspoken females I have managed to recognize and overcome many of my challenges.

Several small changes, such as wearing clothing that fits, can make a world of difference for us clueless guys. A nice outfit is no good if it doesn’t fit correctly. Dressing rooms were invented for this very reason. Asking an employee at the store for help can also be extremely beneficial. These people are paid to know top selling items and can usually point you in the right direction if you are overwhelmed. Another easy thing to do is to simply “layer up.” A jacket or a sweater can add some style to any outfit, particularly if it matches. Dunbar is usually cold enough to justify a little outerwear, anyway. You may also want to look into patterned clothing. It’s easy to fall back on a solid colored shirt, but argyle and plaid are a good change of pace.

Although there are a lot of things that can help your overall style, there are also several things that should be discouraged.

For instance, be careful of falling into the fashion traps that follow: while we all have days that we don’t feel like trying, flip-flops and socks make us look lazy. Unfortunately, this particular male match-up has become a pet peeve for girls everywhere. Instead, just throw on a pair of tennis shoes that match your clothing and hide your hairy toes. Another common blunder is to wear black and navy at the same time. This is a cardinal sin in the color coordinating universe. I didn’t learn this lesson until an embarrassingly short time ago. I myself have never struggled with this next mistake, but it is still incredibly common.

The most important advice I can give you is to keep your pants pulled up. It’s considered trashy, and it is even against school rules. Last of all, don’t wear basketball shorts. Unless you are the next LeBron, this particular item of clothing is a no-no (by the way, you are not the next LeBron).

Hopefully by following these pieces of advice, you can overcome the challenges I have overcome through years of mistakes. I want to help men everywhere avoid the embarrassment that I have experienced. I learned the hard way, but through my guide hopefully you won’t have to.