Dunbar’s Literary Magazine Accepting Submissions

Incriminating Ink is a collection of short stories, poetry, and art created by Dunbar students. 

The pieces published in the magazine range from touching, personal, humorous, to scary in the form of short stories, art, and poems. Every year the best of these are selected for publication by Creative Writing II students. They look at submissions ranging from tragic romances, Lovecraftian horror stories, heated westerns, drawings, fan fiction, and photographs.

Anonymous entries are accepted.

According to creative writing and English teacher, Mr. Gary Egan, what you cannot submit are essays, speeches, math homework, your sister’s science project, or other people’s work. Also, try to keep what you submit under 10 pages and free of grammar mistakes.

Not all submissions can be published, so following the guidelines will help a student’s chances of being selected. The deadline for submissions is Feb. 29 at [email protected]