Music Review: If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is probably one of Drake’s best albums he has ever released.  In July 2014, Drake announced that he would be releasing his fourth album in January 2015. In February 2015, the award winning artist released a video featuring snippets of the two songs, Know Yourself” and “Jungle,” hinting to the public that he would be releasing new music very soon. He later “surprise released” the album.

It was definitely a surprise for me when I saw the album all over twitter, with remakes of the album cover art.  I think the combination of slow emotional songs and optimistic positive songs on this album are perfect.  It’s slow and minimalist in a way that Drake fans will find familiar. Other songs are more upbeat and rhythmically aggressive which gets listeners out of their “feels”.  After listening to the full album, I couldn’t get enough. I had it on repeat everywhere I went. It was one of those albums that everyone was talking about, and everyone still is.

I think one of the most touching songs on the album in general would be ‘You & The 6,’ because he’s talking about his mother and the way he was raised and his childhood compared to his lifestyle now. I think it’s really great to see rap lyrics about sensitive topics because it gives the listener insight on their  life experiences instead of the normal lyrics about drugs, money, and girls.

I think one of the most touching songs on the album in general would be ‘You & The 6,’ because he’s talking about his mother and the way he was raised and his childhood compared to his lifestyle now.

There are several conspiracies about the album. One example is the debate over whether it is a mixtape or an album. In my opinion it’s a regular studio album but I, just like anyone else, would love to think that more music like this will be coming from him in the future.

Another theory believes the album also serves as a warning that he wanted to get out of the “Cash Money” Contract. The album title is not only suggestive of quitting the whole contract,  but it is also not the promised release name, Views From the 6. Also, the Canadian rapper is constantly dissing Tyga, another rapper. In the song ‘Energy‘, he says, ‘if Lil Wayne is out, so am I’.

The album debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with three-day sales of 495,000 copies and 40,000 online streaming credits, and topped his native Canadian Albums Chart, after moving 37,000 units upon the conclusion of the tracking week.

“My favorite song on Drake’s album is probably ‘Now & Forever’ because it has a good beat and people can relate to the song and it’s a great song all together,” said Grace Koehler. “I have it playing most of the time.”

“My favorite song from that album would have to be Jungle,” said freshman Brittana Turner. “One, because I really love the beat of it. It’s really chill and relaxing. And two because of the lyrics, throughout the song, he’s talking about his feelings towards another girl, and how she shouldn’t worry about what other people say or think about them together.”

In all, Drake’s album was a complete success. Popular magazine Rolling Stone gave it four out of five stars. And I give it five out of five stars. The album is filled with relatable lyrics and catchy beats, as well as songs featuring popular artists such as PARTYNEXTDOOR and Lil Wayne.  This was one of his albums I enjoyed listening to most.