New Trend: Chacos

Drew Shoaf, Staff Reporter

The new popular footwear that is sweeping the nation seems to be the Chaco sandal. What some say are “ugly and should never be worn,” are in my opinion the fashion industries next big thing.

“You don’t have to be a hipster to wear Chacos, you just have to have an outdoors interest to wear them around,” said senior James Bryant.

What started out to be just another pair of sandals is now so much more. Over the past decade, companies like Chaco and Teva have refined the traditional sandal into something with support, grip, comfort and durability: a perfect shoe for hiking and other outdoor activities.

“Chacos are a nature-lovers perfect shoe, and they are extremely comfortable,” said sophomore Michael King.

Much like an old pair of sneakers, Chacos are helpful for any activity in which dirt or mud is involved, since they are easy to wash. Despite the common association with outdoor activities, Chacos are not limited to exclusively an “outdoorsy” person.

In fact, sophomore Shelby Littrell said, “Chacos are extremely comfy and cute, and very adjustable.”

It seems evident that Chacos can even be worn by those who do not have a passion for the outdoors at all. They can be worn by anyone who enjoys slipping their feet into a shoe built for comfort and fashion purposes.

People argue that Chacos are not a good buy, since they cost around $65-$110, but in my opinion they are. I’ve always worn cheap flip flops in the summer months, but if I’m going to do anything more than hang around the house, these sandals have little to no support. However, with Chacos, I no longer have to purchase a new pair of flip flops that will easily fall apart, resulting in another buy the next year. The durability makes for a long lasting, comfortable shoe, and is definitely worth the cost.

Although some people see Chacos as ugly sandals that should be given to children instead of coal at Christmas time, I believe they should be worn by everyone. After all, Chacos rhymes with tacos, and everyone loves tacos.