Dunbar Teacher’s Halloween Plans

Halloween is coming up and we have a lot of teachers with fun Halloween plans and traditions.

Halloween is coming up and Paul Laurence Dunbar couldn’t be more excited. There are a lot of students with plans for this spooky time of year, but they’re not alone, Dunbar teachers have also shared their plans for this holiday season. 

Starting with English teacher, Ms. Brooke Jackson, is going to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Scary Halloween Party in Magic Kingdom. 

“They’ll have a Villains parade after Magic Kingdom closes, a Hocus Pocus show, and zombie dance party,” she said. “It’s gonna be a fun Halloween themed event, I’m excited.”

She even decorated her house with a big zombie blowup, spiderwebs, and orange and purple lights. Ms. Jackson takes Halloween very seriously, not only with decorations but even just dressing up. Her whole family is going with a Little Mermaid theme as Prince Eric, Ariel, Ursula, and Flounder.

Mrs. Tara Wilkinson, another English teacher, however, talks about how she likes to “sit on her front lawn and hand out candy to kids that walk by and watch their reactions to Mr. Wilkonson’s decorations.” 

Their decorations are Ghostbusters themed with a skeleton in a Ghostbusters costume, attacking a giant inflated marshmallow man. Making them one of the most famous houses in their neighborhood, the Wilkinsons are considering dressing up with the theme of Brooklyn 99.

Ms. Katherine Blackard, the nutritional teacher, even makes her famous chili and cornbread every Halloween before passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. She gets especially serious when it comes to decorating her house with fall decor like scarecrows and pumpkins. Although Ms. Blackard loves Halloween, she’ll most likely go with a more comfortable look instead of dressing up. 

“I usually just put on some leggings that look like mummy-wraps and a sweater and I’ll call it a day,” she said. 

Dunbar teachers are pretty serious about Halloween. So while enjoying this holiday season be on the lookout for  anyone with a Ghostbusters-themed house, Ursula with her big tentacles, or Ms. Blackard in her pajamas, and say hi.