Why physical school is better than online school.

       By the time school ended because of the coronavirus, which is still present even September 2020, I knew that the first few months or so of school would have us doing online like last time, but more like regular school with us using Canvas and having zoom calls so we can talk to each other like in physical school. However, there have been some hiccups and inconveniences with the new system that I might be the only person to notice and believe.


One of the things about online school that irks me is Zoom. The idea of video chatting people sounds alright, but the problem is that Zoom is very unreliable and lags on a regular basis. Sometimes, the speech from the teacher will either go out or start to echo, making it harder to hear instructions. But in a normal classroom, you can hear the teacher always at all times and without any echoing or unfinished words and sentences. You never have to worry that real life not being able to let you hear important information. A Reddit user who goes by DIrkaDirka312 agrees with me.


Another thing about online school that sucks at but physical school runs circles around is doing work. In online school, typing with a keyboard can be cumbersome especially if your muscle memory is married to another keyboard. You end up pressing the wrong key and you go to press backspace but you press the wrong key again and it just sucks. But in physical school, you can use a pencil and writing can be a lot faster than typing and it’s a lot easier to do math and flip through pages than it is to type and scroll down pages. Wanna know what sucks? Trackpads. Trackpads are slow and unresponsive and you’rŕe restricted from changing the settings to increase the sensitivity but that doesn’t fix everything as you can`t move the mouse when pressing certain keys. ZDNet made an interesting post about trackpads that I agree with.


But the biggest deal- breaker for me with the online school stuff is the location. You`re at home, so you get to do whatever you want. This means you can slack off and play video games or watch YouTube while school is going on which makes it hard to work. You procrastinate and decide to get food and then you think ¨maybe I should get a drink too¨. But at school, it’s a blessing and a curse to not be able to have access to those things. You can’t slack off so easily anymore at the cost of having access to food whenever you want. CNN mentioned this in one of their news stories earlier this year.


In conclusion, online school has mostly been a pain for me. It hasn’t been all bad though as the assignments are relatively easy still but it is still heavily flawed in my honest opinion and I hope the coronavirus dies off soon so things can get back to the way they used to be