What Happened in the Trump Impeachment

The fight for President Trump’s impeachment continues, here is the latest updates of what you need to know.

The impeachment process will be coming up on its third month this February. President Donald Trump has been accused, by the House of Representatives, of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. The claim is that Trump withheld aid money from Ukraine in order to get them to investigate Joe Biden for the upcoming election. These accusations were passed in the House and are now in the Senate.

The Senate is republican dominant, unlike the house which is democrat dominant. There has been a battle in the senate over the right to call witnesses. Democrats want these witnesses to prove the president’s guilt but the republicans believe that bringing in witnesses will simply drag the trial on forever and won’t incriminate the President.

Many high school students are very interested in politics and have strong opinions. Some want President Trump to be impeached, others want him to stay in office. “It was right and fair, Trump did nothing wrong that they tried to impeach him for,” senior Braeden Graves said.

As of Friday, January 31st the rules were decided for the rest of the impeachment trial. The majority party, Republicans, voted against allowing witnesses to be called in for the trial.

Wednesday, February fifth, the final vote for the trial of President Trump was taken. He was found innocent and was acquitted. Only one Republican voted with the democrats on the article of abuse of power, while the majority of Republicans voted along party lines

Many students are happy with the outcome.

“I think the conclusion of the trial was the right outcome. With the issue brought forward there wasn’t enough evidence to prove President Trump guilty,” freshman Cole Colony said.

But some are not so satisfied with this conclusion.

“I just feel like America has been cheated. Having only lived here for a year and since I’ve lived in the UK, Jordan, and Egypt I can tell it’s just foul play. Justice wasn’t served due to reputation and that’s it,” senior Faisal Abu Saif said.

The night before the vote was taken that resulted in the president’s innocence, he gave a state of the union address speech. After this speech was finished, Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat who fought hard to get Mr. Trump impeached, ripped up the speech on camera, directly behind Donald Trump. This is a good representation of the anger of some American citizens about the results. On the other hand, many people are ecstatic about the results of the trial. 

In conclusion, President Donald Trump has not been impeached and will be running for his second term in office for this 2020 presidential election.