Tips For Passing Your Permit Test

Tips and tricks to pass your exam

Turning 16 is a milestone, and the biggest perk is finally being eligible to receive a permit to hit the open road as a new driver.

The permit test consists of 40 questions that must be must be answered in 60 minutes or less. The questions are meant to judge your knowledge of road signs, basic rules of the road, and what each lane on the street is used for.

Studying for your permit test can be stressful, especially if you’re taking it for the first time, but here are a few tips to help you pass your permit test the first time around.

The Manual

The most important tip is obvious: Read the Kentucky Driver’s Manual.

This is key to passing the test because it contains everything you need to know in detail. all of the important things when it comes to driving: road signs when it’s appropriate to make a turn, how to make a three-point turn, and how to parallel park correctly. It helps you learn these skills before you actually start to drive on the road. Another way to study is by making flashcards or using a Quizlet on road signs.   


It is also a good idea to take a lot of practice permit tests before you take the real one. Many of the practice tests that are recommended are the road signs tests and the official practice permit tests. Many of the practice tests consist of questions that are on the real test and doing these practice tests put you in a great position for the real thing.

Apply Your Skills

The final tip that I have for you is to apply the skills learned in the manual and practice tests in the real world. When you finally get behind the wheel of a car, whether in an empty parking lot or an open space, you should apply the things you learned in the manual.

These include using your blinker when you’re going to make a turn and knowing what kind of turns are needed such as close right turns or wide left turns. 

While studying for your test, make sure you leave enough time between when you start, and the day you take your test. I recommend at least a month or two in advance for you to study. The window between when you begin studying and when you take your test will give you enough time to fully grasp all of the information you have learned and apply it.