Spirit Week a Success

Dunbar teachers and students participated in Spirit Week by dressing up.

Cowboys, twins, and students covered in green roamed the hallways of Dunbar this week. In preparation for Homecoming weekend, Dunbar had its annual Spirit Week. Students and teachers dressed up each day in different themed outfits that showcased fun and creativity.

On “Money Monday”, the school was filled with green outfits from students and teachers alike. Some students taped money to themselves, while others added green balloons to their clothes. Lots of teachers and students also chose to wear Green Dot apparel, proudly displaying the trademark green circle on their shirts. 

Next up was  “Twin Tuesday”. Many students who wore red on Tuesday were roped into being part of the ever-growing “Thing 1 Thing 2” group. Others chose to coordinate outfits with friends and show up to school matching in some way or another. The math teachers all wore the same shirt with a function pun on it.  

Wednesday was dubbed “Cowboy Wednesday”, although the general consensus of students was that Wednesday should have been named “Wild West Wednesday”. On Wild West Wednesday, students in the hallways tipped their cowboy hats at each other and exchanged howdies. Many wore jeans, boots, and flannels, choosing to accessorize with large belt buckles and cowboy hats. 

Thursday naturally was “Throwback Thursday”. Students brought back 70s, 80s, and 90s attire in colorful combinations of denim and tie-dye. 

The theme for Friday was neon, as well as the theme for the tailgate and homecoming football game. Bright and fluorescent clothing unsubtly grabbed students’ attention as they walked through the halls. Some students even added neon caution tape to their outfits, further making themselves look like traffic cones. 

Teachers also rewarded students who participated in dressing-up with Pride Bucks and last time I checked, the Pride Buck turn-in box was recently filled to the brim. 

Spirit Week was a great success, with many students and teachers joining the fun to create fashionable themed outfits. Coordinating outfits with friends, seeing peers’ outfits and taking lots of Instagram worthy pictures in funny clothes all made this spirit week a blast. Students look forward to next year’s spirit week’s new themes and hopefully, even more, people will choose to participate.