IT Chapter 2 Review

The movie IT chapter 2 and what I thought of it!

I saw the movie IT Chapter 2 when I was in South Carolina over fall break. In my opinion, it was a good movie overall. There were some scenes that were hard to watch, but most of them were pretty good for that type of movie.

While I was at the theater, most everyone there was gone before it ended, making me realize it must have been scarier than I thought.

There were quite a few jump scares weaved throughout the movie, but to me, it wasn’t that scary. The main thing that stuck out to me was simply the imagery used. Certain scenes are now embedded in my brain.

There were scenes with zombie-like beings and Pennywise’s dislocation of his face when he eats. Those were scenes I didn’t particularly enjoy.

Compared to other horror movies I’ve seen, IT Chapter 2 is definitely near the bottom of the list. The movie itself is a little cheesy, and in some ways, funny, not really that scary at all.

If I could change anything about the movie, it would probably be the way it ended. Although it had the resolution most would hope for, the road to get there wasn’t as heroic and interesting as I’d hoped.

One thing commonly joked about throughout the movie were “bad endings”, which seems to fit perfectly with the movie itself. It felt as though by the time writers got towards the end of the movie, they were relieved it was finally coming to an end. It felt as though they wrote the end quickly so they could get it over with.

“The movie was great but I expected a better ending,” said Junior Annablake Adams.

Although the movie had good qualities, it had an ending that could have been better. The movie haad jump scares but mostly had aspects of lighthearted and cheesy scenes.