What’s the Issue with North Korea

The on going problems that continue to grow in a communist country.

There has been an ongoing issue that continues to seize our attention, yet we have chosen to ignore it for over 60 years.

It has to do with North Korea.

 What do we know about this country?

Well, it’s a place where a dictator by the name of Kim Jong-un controls everything. Therefore, dictating what information is consumed by the public giving full jurisdiction on the lives of many civilians.

In result, it’s doesn’t give men and women the same opportunities as you and me; along with children that never reach their full potential because of the lack of information that is due to the people.

 In the United States, we have the Declaration of Independence created by Thomas Jefferson,  the only reason to have a government is to protect the basic human rights, which Jefferson lists as “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”North Korea doesn’t offer the same right.

The twenty-four million people who have lived in the isolation have minimal interaction to the outside world.

“Its known as the most secretive nation on Earth”, says CNN.

Any type of media is forbidden for the dual purpose of keeping knowledge away from the community.  Few North Koreans know little to anything about world events aside from how they are described by North Korean propaganda.  

At early ages, North Koreans have been taught to express devotion and represent love to their leader.

Lisa Ling, a journalist, traveled to North Korea and quoted, “ I haven’t figured out if it is brainwashing or is there is a difference between true belief and true fear.”

People praise Kim Il-Sung, who was believed to be the great leader who died in 1994. He was the founder who created the country’s policy of  “self-reliance,” which cut off North Korea economically and diplomatically from the rest of the world, even in times of great need.

During its seven-decade existence, North Korea has been ruled by three generations of the same family. Kim Jong-un, the grandson of Kim Il Sung, came to power in 2011, following the death of his father. Kim Jong-un takes on the legacy from his ancestors causing more brutal ways of living.

There are many people who know about life outside the border of North Korea. More than one-thousand try to escape each year to try to find a better life in China or South Korea. Most leave for their children sake, so that one day they can grow and hopefully be successful by getting a good education. Others leave for the willingness of just wanting to be free and pursue a fulfilled life.

A man that used to be a citizen of North Korea spoke out about life in North Korea to BBC (a journalist company) and says, “ I created a fantasy in my mind about Kim Jong-un because he was so young, I thought he was going to change… but after he took power life became harder.” 

Who are we to get involved?

 “The United States does not have any diplomatic representation in North Korea. The Swedish Embassy represents the United States as counselors of protecting power,” says CNN.

There is something we can still do.

If we let this continue, we will never see the end of the brutal dictatorship of the North Koreans.

We can give people opportunities, create jobs, give men and women and children a different perspective of the world while introducing opportunities and creating a better relationship with North Korea.

Crime would reduce by twenty percent. Rebellion against the nation would decrease by a prediction of forty-five percent.  

We have the ability to do something that could change history.