Dunbar’s Durag Rise

A trend that’s tight and making a comeback in modern fashion.

Many fashion trends come and go, but there is one that’s lurking in the shadows of many outfits and that trend is the Durag.

This trend has been growing around our nation, but the easiest place to notice this is in schools. Many students agreed that everyone needs a durag for a hairstyle.

“It’s just a piece of my outfit, I have of them in all different colors and designs” said senior Isaiah Greene.

Many people are taking durags to the next level of fashion by starting YouTube channels on different ways to wear them.

This fashion statement comes from the inside of jail walls. Officials in detention centers noticed this trend start to pop up in the late 1970’s. The more this trend started to spread, the more people started to realize that wearing them wasn’t for effect of the hair, but for the style that came with it.

“My durag helps my waves stay wavy,” says sophomore Cameron Williams.

Also, this shows that durags is a type of hair care tool.

When wearing a durag traditionally, you tie the tails of it behind the head, but now people are also starting to tie them on the side of the head or even the front.

Either way you tie, people also believe that the whole concept of durags goes past styles and hair care. These are the people that believe that it is just meant to hold African-Americans together through fashion, even though many different cultures are starting to wear it.

In conclusion, the Dunbar’s durags rise incorporates all of these reason to explain the popularity and influence.