Fears for Junior Year

Worries about the future and second to last year of high school.

Many people have told me that junior year is the most difficult and stressful year. From the ACT, SAT, AP tests, and College and Career readiness tests. It seems pretty scary figuring how to juggle all these exams with sports and other extracurricular activities.

The idea of having to do my best in every class and on every standardized test is very daunting. All these exams are necessary to look good on paper for future college decisions and scholarships. How am I supposed to get good grades, good test scores, and do well in sports all at the same time?

Junior year is a very important year for the college application process, as far as looking at your test scores and grades. It’s stressful to think that one year could make or break my college application.

The ACT and SAT are commonly known scholarship opportunities as well, doing well on those standardized tests could open doors for future opportunities. AP tests are ways for students to receive college credit by achieving a certain score on the AP exam. By not earning the best score possible,  that would require me to take the class again in college

Another fear factor of junior year is that high school is halfway over. I don’t want to be so focused on the impact grades and test scores could have on my future that I let junior year and high school just pass me by. I want to be able to enjoy being a high schooler while I still can. In two years I’ll be in college, and I don’t want to look back wishing I hadn’t taken this time for granted.

Junior year is very intimidating, knowing that standardized tests, grades, and extracurriculars are greatly important for my future education. However, it’s important to not let the stress of school consume us and still enjoy the second to last year of high school.