Did You Know?

Some hacks you may not know

Do you ever wonder if there were easier ways to do simple things in your life?

There are many hacks that people have no idea about. Those hacks can really make a difference in people’s lives.

One hack that many people do not realize is the hole at the end of a pot handle is for a spoon. Most pots and pans with one handle have a hole at the end of the handle.

Majority of people think that hole is used to hang up the pan, but it can also be used to put the spoon in. To do this, put the spoon handle in the hole and let the spoon lean against it. Then, the spoon will stand there instead of having to set it down and make a mess on the counter top.

Another hack many people do not know about is Tic Tac containers.

People normally just shake out a tic tac on their hand, but on the flap that you open to get one out there is a tic-tac shaped indent. This indent is meant to be where you dispense a tic tac.

Do this by holding the container upside down. Then, open the flap while also turning the container sideways so that all the tic-tacs don’t fall out.

A tic tac should then be laying there in the indent for easy access to grab and eat.

So, everybody loves the plastic kool-aid drinks, but little did we all know that there was a “lid” that prevents spills.

The bottle is made with an oddly shaped top that, with a twist, comes off so you can drink. But, that top can actually be flipped upside down and put in the hole that you would normally drink out of.