Checking Out Dunbar’s Track Team


Emily Parks

Layla Dabit competing in long jump for Dunbar

Track is an interesting sport to watch. There are so many things going on at the same time it is kind of hard to follow. You have some people running around the track in the one mile or two miles, then you have some people off to the side throwing things, and then there are some people jumping into a pit of sand, and if you’ve never been to a track meet before, you get confused.

Our track team here at Dunbar is doing very well this season. Each year there are some ups and downs with everything in life whether it be a sport, your grades, or life at home. But, there are always good things that come with any adventure.

“Our team this year has been really great, we have new teammates and we have to say goodbye to some seniors soon but this year has been so fun. We have been doing really great this season with personal goals and team goals, a lot of us have even tried new events,” sophomore Emily Spores said.

Getting involved in an extracurricular like track is a great way to meet new people and to try new things. Many people just feel like staying at home is a better and easier way to do things, yeah it may be easier but being on a team is a great experience and it was great to see everyone bonding and getting along so well when I went to take these pictures.

“The way we bond in track is by coming to practice and giving it your all, and having teammates who you strengthen and become closer with is a bond that I’ll always have” senior Darius Derden said.

“The team overall is doing pretty good, there’s always room to improve but we are doing well. The coaches motto is that you lose more than you will ever win, but don’t let that stop you from trying.”