The revised PSAT now has two sections: Evidence-based Reading & Writing and Math. The Evidence based Reading and Writing section is broken up into Reading and Writing parts, and consists of long passages, with comprehension, analytical, grammar, and English questions. The Math section is broken up into Calculator-permitted and No Calculator-permitted parts. Its content moves away from geometry and focuses more on algebra and data analyzing.


The new PSAT has a total test time of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Even though it’s longer, that doesn’t mean you have a lot of free time available, since most of the test is composed of long passages.


The PSAT is now out of 1520 points. The Evidence-based Reading & Writing section and the Math section are both worth 760 points each, and there’s no longer any penalty for incorrect answers. Each category (Math, Reading, Writing) will have a sub-score out of 38 points to show you what your strengths and weaknesses are. But wait there’s more! There are now sub-section scores for specific categories such as “Heart of Algebra”. Not only that, but there are also cross-test scores available to show your abilities in different, non-related categories, such as “Analysis in Science.”