Mackenzie Sorenson: Family Matters

Every pair of siblings has their share of fights, but it seems that Dunbar freshman Mackenzie Sorenson and her brother Parker have “saucier” ones than others. The typical teenage sibling fight would include plenty of insults and harsh words; however at the Sorenson house they prefer to use ketchup.

“My brother started throwing sauce packets at me, and when I picked them up to throw them back, they busted open and went all over him,” said Sorenson.

Based on this environment at home, it’s no surprise that Sorenson turns away from mainstream teenage life. Unlike a majority of high school students who play sports, Sorenson enjoys writing stories and reading fantasy books in her free time, including J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series. J.K. Rowling creates a sort of puzzle in which during the course of the series, the reader is able to put two and two together and figure out the endings. Sorenson said she enjoys re-reading books like these to get a better understanding of the story as a whole.

“You can always go back and discover new secrets about the stories,” said Sorenson.

Her interests, however, aren’t exclusive to simply reading and writing fantasy. They include a passion for the German language and culture. Currently, Sorenson is enrolled in German II, and plans to continue her studies all through high school and college, eventually visiting Germany. She wants to visit Berlin because of the large amount of history that pertains to it.

“I love that the culture is different compared to that of American culture,” said Sorenson.

In terms of pop culture she enjoys listening to Fall Out Boy and Green Day, although not for the reasons one may think. Despite the opinion of the vast majority of fans, Sorenson doesn’t listen to Fall Out Boy simply for the lyrics, but rather for the music. Her passion for music is not limited, to just listening to popular bands. She took music classes at Beaumont Middle School and dance classes at Diana Evans School of Dance.

Unlike many of her classmates, Sorenson keeps a close social circle, filled with people who share similar interest like reading, writing and listening to popular bands. Family matters, whether that is biological family or friends.