Kennedy Kruger: Concert Queen

Surrounded by screaming girls and bearded men, Kennedy Kruger was lifted into the air and thrown to the front of the crowd. She floated atop the 200 plus bodies jamming to “Lost in Stereo.”  She was so close to the front she could see the sweat dripping down Alex Gaskarth’s face.

And in the small venue in Covington Ohio, Kruger awaited the four men to come on the stage. Screams erupted from the venue, increasing Kruger’s eagerness. The boys came on the stage and the beat of “Do I Wanna Know?”  vibrates the feet of hundreds.

“I could feel the bass rattling my ribs. It was the craziest thing I’ve ever done, it took my breath away,” said Kruger.

Music is a huge part of Kruger’s life. From All Time Low to Arctic Monkeys, she’s loved every concert she’s been to. Besides concerts, Kruger always has music playing in the car, in the shower, and at school. Not only does she spend time listening to music, but she spends countless hours looking for new music. With 50 stations on Pandora, and countless music apps, Kruger is a music fanatic. Her parents do not allow her to even use iTunes due to her constant desire for new music for fear of maxing out their credit card.

“Honestly, I love all types of music, but I have the strongest connection to the alternative genre,” Kruger said.

Kruger has been inspired by music all her life. It has influenced her to do a lot of the things she does today; for Kennedy, music is to be heard, not played. Kruger has had many attempts to play the piano as well as sing, but both failed.  She prefers to watch others play which is why she loves concerts.

“I love the atmosphere of a concert. Everyone always feels so close even though we’re just a bunch of strangers” Kruger said.

With everyone’s hands in the air and Ed Sheeran’s breathy voice, this was one of Kruger’s calmer concerts. “You Need Me, I Don’t Need You” rung throughout the Louisville Theater.  Alternative action packed concerts have no match against the calm smooth smelling theater. Looking at the different concerts Kruger attends, you can assume exactly how she works. The fun, outgoing, loud Kennedy  also has a calmer, sensitive, more meaningful side.