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Must Read Summer Books

Must Read Summer Books

May 30, 2019

Whether you’re a social person or not, free time is guaranteed during summer break. One of the best ways to make use of that time and keep your brain on its toes is to read. Here are 7 high-quality books everyone must read in summer 2019: 1. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown  Dan Brown’s realistic fiction novel is based in the National Security Agency and is revolved around their most top secret monument: an un...

PLD Book Club Loves Nicholas Sparks

January 20, 2017

Mrs. Summer Perry's monthly book club, open to all Dunbar students, will discuss a Nicholas Sparks book during the club meeting on Jan. 23. The meeting is open to anyone whether they've read every Nicholas Sparks book, just a few, or even only half of one. "We don't judge," said Mrs. Perry. Nicholas Sparks is an American novelist and one of the world's most beloved storytellers. Each of his book...

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Will the Movie Live Up to the Book?

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Will the Movie Live Up to the Book?

September 15, 2016

Tracing the photos left behind by his dead grandfather, protagonist Jacob Portman tries to find closure and ends up on the island of Wales. On the island, Jacob tries to solve the mystery of his grandfather’s tall tales about peculiar children. Although Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is not as popular a series as Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events, it captured the atten...

Superintendent Visits Dunbar Class

March 4, 2016

On Mar. 2, FCPS Superintendent Manny Caulk visited Mrs. Wendy Turner's B1 Senior English class to discuss their reading of Amanda Ripley's book, The Smartest Kids in the World. Superintendent Caulk will be hosting this title in his inaugural book club, a project he brought with him from his previous post in Portland, Maine. He invites not only students and faculty, but also community members, to disc...

Forbidden Love in Iran

April 14, 2015

Keeping secrets can be fun. The flash of excitement coursing through your veins can be addicting, whether it comes from planning a surprise birthday party, or sharing the latest gossip. Sahar has been keeping a dangerous secret all her life: she and her best friend Nasrin are in love. Sahar lives in a country where homosexuality is a crime, but being a man trapped in a woman's body is seen as nature'...

How Much Will You Go Through For Love?

April 13, 2015

By reading The Secret Sky by Atia Abawi, a reader can dip their toes into the richly diverse and foreign land of Afghanistan. This land has had many different rulers with different ideals causing generational differences that may surprise a reader with little background knowledge of the nation. This story deftly explores the many diverse backgrounds and viewpoints that make up the people of Afghanistan. ...

Memories of Erin Hunter’s Warriors Series

Memories of Erin Hunter’s Warriors Series

March 26, 2015

The moonlight glinted off of the rocks, shining back at the sky like stars fallen on earth. Even the river was unusually quiet. Beneath the underbrush, sharp eyes flash, watching across the shore. The anticipation manifested in held back breathes, making small but strong lungs strain. Then, on some silent command, cats jump out of the shadows, yowling, breaking the silence of the night. Claws are...

Itching to Read Mosquitoland

March 18, 2015

"---1--- A Thing's Not a Thing Until You Say It Out Loud:  I am Mary Iris Malone, and I am not okay." Congratulations!  You have now read the first chapter of Mosquitoland. It is both dull and intriguing, and who knows how David Arnold, author of the going-to-be-New-York-Times-Best-Seller, pulled off a one-sentence first chapter.  I've never known an author to successfully do that, but then ...

Student Novelist: CJ Blair

Kirby Fitzpatrick, Staff Reporter

April 24, 2014

Dunbar students are known for their impressive talents and academic ability, but one student seems to be going above and beyond. Senior C.J. Blair has proved his unique and incredible talents by writing his own novel. “I began writing my novel, Hysteria, in 8th grade,” said Blair, “and finished it around winter break of my junior year.” The book, set in rural Kentucky, focuses on issues of prejudice between three groups of people. “In the book, I focus on a group of people I have chosen with a very distinct group of traits,” Blair said. “In some ways they are almost like vampires. They have pale...

I Pledge Allegiance to Divergent

Laira Kelley, Staff Reporter

December 17, 2013

Allegiant, the long awaited final book in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, came out in October, and readers were desperate to get their hands on it, as the second book in the trilogy ended on a serious cliffhanger. Throughout the entire series, the main character Tris has been trying to find out who she is. At first, she thinks she’s a small girl from Abnegation (her original faction), but as she changes factions, she learns she’s much more than that. A faction is a neighborhood based on the personalities of the people who live in the area. For example, the Abnegation faction is a neighborhood where all of ...

Fantastic Authors in Our Own Backyard

Sai Naidu, Staff Reporter

November 26, 2013

Most people assume  that famous authors live in commonly idolized places, like New York City, and neglect to pay attention to the many authors that may live in their own town. Kentucky has produced many authors, some of whom are even best-selling authors. Robert Kirkman, the creator of the comic book Invincible Image Comics, as well as Ultimate X-Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics, lives in Central Kentucky. Kirkman also created the immensely popular comic book series, The Walking Dead, and is now the executive producer of the television show airing on AMC. The plot centers around Rick Grimes, a small town p...