Why I Hate The Walking Dead

The once popular show has been on for almost 10 years, but it probably should have ended years ago.


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The once popular TV show has lost viewers in recent seasons.

AMC’s The Walking Dead is about a group of people trying to survive zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. They face other communities and become rivals. They endure shortages of food, ammunition, and shelter. And through all of it, they navigate human relationships.

The show started in 2010 with leading actor Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, a sheriff who is on the search for his wife and son. After finding them, he slowly collects a group of survivors who become like a new family.

The show was very popular in its first six seasons, gaining more viewers every year. But after season seven, it started to go downhill. Today, it is one of the worst shows on television. 

Here’s why (warning–there are spoilers)

It’s Slow Moving

When the show first started, it was very action-packed and they didn’t waste any time. Something always happened every episode leaving it’s viewers on the edge of their seats until the next one aired. When season seven started, everyone suspected it would be jam-packed with action, but sadly we were disappointed.

The characters talk and talk and talk which is boring. It leaves people very confused because they don’t want to pay attention to someone going on and on about a small issue, so they end up missing something important that was briefly mentioned. 

Went From Gory to a Drama Film

The show was all about zombies and battling with other people. Something exciting always happened at the beginning of a new season. That was what the show was known for. 

Rick and his group usually migrated to a new place at the beginning of each new season giving us something new and exciting. In seasons seven and eight, they stayed in the same place they arrived at and dealt with the same group of enemies.

In some episodes, the characters just talked about their issues instead of facing them. There was barely any action–only endless conversations and plans about how they planned to get revenge on their enemies. 

Finally, Rick attempted to kill the enemy very quickly without a big battle, and it ended with him being locked in a cage. We didn’t see much of the zombies, either. It’s like they became more of a side thing.

Too Much Romance

Sure, most people enjoy a little romance in thrillers, but do we like the amount there is in The Walking Dead? Rick Grimes has been with three women in the span of six seasons. When he ended up with another character, Michonne, it was pretty awkward considering she had been on the show for a while. Not everyone was excited about the idea. 

The writers also try to play matchmaker with everyone, so someone is always with someone else. I think the romance slows them down, and it almost always ends up getting them killed. For example, a character named Sam was recently killed by the mother of the girl he was falling for.

Relationships tend to be dangerous.

There’s Too Much Going On

There is way more information to follow than there needs to be. Some episodes will be about one character’s story and other episodes could be about multiple stories that can be hard to follow. They put so much emphasis on such little details that you would have to pay attention to everything in order to know what’s going on.

There are more scenes where you need to pay close attention to people talking rather than any action, and that gets boring.

The Walking Dead still has some good things, but the show has lost over half of its viewers. It just isn’t as interesting as it used to be. Viewers like me want more action rather than all the drama.

The show was at its prime in the first six seasons, but now that Rick has died, no one wants to watch it anymore.

The series is now as dead as the zombies it portrays.