Controversial Student Parking

Junior Carson Sweeney has strong opinions about the parking at Dunbar.

This year has been a very controversial when it comes to student parking.

A lot of students are parking in teacher parking, which is against the rules and policies at Dunbar. The reason for this is that there is no more parking left in the student parking lot.

Now, you may think how is that possible with so many spots in the parking lot. Well, this year has been a lot worse than previous years when it comes to sophomores parking in student parking.

This is also against the rules and you are supposed to have a parking pass which is bought from law enforcement once you are eligible to drive by yourself and are at least a Junior or Senior.

Although, the risk of not following these rules is getting towed by law enforcement.

Sophomores show that they don’t care and they still do it. There have been several complaints and so far all law enforcement has done is tow in teacher parking and avoid going into student parking.

This has caused a lot of upperclassmen to get very angry because how it is unfair for sophomores to not get in trouble for parking in student parking, but when seniors or juniors are forced to park in teacher parking because there are no spots left in student parking they are towed or ticketed.

In all honesty, it’s not.

It makes me feel as if teachers are more important than students.

Even though, Fayette County Public Schools are supposed to be “All About Kids,” but it seems more to be all about teachers.

I know that it’s the end of the year but I’m praying that next year, when I am senior, this is taken more seriously and that law enforcement enforces the rules and policies at Dunbar.