Why Pigs are the Best Pets

Cats and dogs are so last season. People have owned cats and dogs as domestic pets for the past several centuries.

It’s time for something new: pigs.

They are normally seen as farm animals to be kept in barns. Occasionally, pigs will be used for showcasing, but not many people have them as pets.

Domestic pets are animals who accompany us in the house and show us love and affection. The most popular domestic pets are dogs and cats. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 36.5% of households own dogs, while 30.4% owns cats.

I’m the exception: I have two miniature pigs as pets. Their names are Bibble and Beatrice. I’ve had them for four years now, and they’ve provided emotional support for me and helped me get through rough times.

Unlike cats and dogs, pigs neither shed nor make messes. They’re very easy to litter box train.

They live in my barn, and I sell their piglets to people that keep them in the house. This helps more pigs find homes.

While it’s not common for many people to have pigs as pets, I have always adored them, and my dad said I could get pigs if I saved up for them.

I do not regret this choice, as my pigs have brought much light into my life.

Not only do pigs provide good companionship, they are easy to train, fun to raise, and they add mix to the pool of domestic pets.

According to Countryfarm Lifestyles, pigs are intelligent animals who learn quickly and are easy to train. So if you are considering getting a pet, consider a pig.