Senior Athlete Applauds Ambulance Rule Change

Senior Tyler Browning broke his leg on the football field in October. His injury led to a change in policy.

Courtesy of Tyler Browning
An x-ray shows the break to Tyler Browning’s leg.

Friday, Oct. 13, was one of the worst nights of my life. During a home game against Scott County, I suffered a serious break to my leg and I found myself lying on the football field in pain, full of fear and unsure of how serious my injury really was.

Looking back at that experience I realized how lucky I was that my injury was not more serious, like to my head or neck, because it could have been life-threatening.

FCPS District spokesperson, Lisa Deffendall, said in an article in the Lexington Herald-Leader that although the district is not required to have an ambulance on site at every athletic event, “we have taken the added precaution of having certified medical trainers and doctors at our sporting events.”

But my family and I never thought that was enough. Records show that the ambulance got there in 11 minutes, but to me, it felt like an eternity.

Thankfully, on May 15, the Lexington Herald-Leader released an article explaining a new rule in Fayette County–an ambulance will now be on site for every FCPS home football game. This article stated that the decision was made because of my injury, although my family and I were not contacted about this.

It made me happy and my family to hear that they will change the rule and that the school board agrees that having ambulances on site for every game is a worthy expense.

My family and I agree that although my injury was a horrible experience, we’re glad that something good came of it. We applaud this rule change that will make sure that injured players are helped faster.

Remy Milburn
Senior Tyler Browning was injured on the field. He was assisted by athletic trainers and coaches.