Dunbar Students Support KY Teachers

Lamplighter asked students to step up and share their feelings about their teachers. We’ll be updating this to include as many student voices as possible today. #120strong #welovekentuckyteachers


My English teachers —who inspired me to pursue a career with words, and showed me that reading can be more than a fun hobby — all have a special place in my heart, but every one of my teachers is responsible for making me into the person I am today. In one of my most recent English classes, we had a discussion about whether morality is instinctual or taught. This discussion caused me to reflect upon my elementary years, where I learned some of my most basic morals: how to share and get along with my peers. I learned these skills from none other than my teachers. They taught me about the concept of “fair,” and nothing about Thursday’s chain of events meets this criteria. Now more than ever, teachers are being asked to fill roles — roles that they are not being fairly compensated for. These roles range from second parents to protectors; we need to change, not only for the sake of teachers, but for our society’s future well-being.

–Senior Cristina Thorson

My teachers deserve their pension and so much more because what they do is one of the hardest jobs anyone could have. My teachers have done more for me, and have introduced me to so many new things and I couldn’t be more appreciative. My teachers were there for me when I witnessed a kid my age die right in front of me, my teachers were there when I wanted to make a change in the community when guns were taking over this city. These teachers do so much more than anybody could imagine and they deserve every penny they get and even more. Without my teachers I wouldn’t be where I am today. To any teacher that reads this thank you so much for everything you have done for me and my classmates, even when you all have hardships going on in your lives you’re there for us at all times and you have no idea what that means to me. I will do everything in my power to keep fighting for you just like you fight for me. Thank you

–Senior Kaden Gaylord

Thursday evening, Senate Bill 151 passed. I was furious when I found out. Group chats blew up, with some of the organizers that helped with the walkout at Paul Laurence Dunbar and the March for Our Lives in downtown Lexington. I messaged friends of my parents that are teachers, telling them that the students will support them in whatever they decide to do. Teachers are labeled as public workers, but they’re so much more.

–Junior Abigail Wheatley

Teachers shape the youth into who they are when they grow up. The reason Matt Bevin is this position of power is because someone TAUGHT him about politics. Teachers are our second parents–especially at Dunbar. The Dunbar staff is one big family, and to think they won’t be getting paid livable wages is sickening. I love my teachers; they are more than just teachers they are friends, life coaches, shoulders to lean on, and support givers. My teachers are they most kind, humble and caring people I know. They make school feel like a safe place even with everything going on in the world. This isn’t fair to them to take away from a pension they’ve been paying into because the government has been stealing from it.

–Senior Nicole Massarone

Our teachers are a lot more than people who just stand in front of the class and lecture us on proper grammar, history around the world, how to solve for X, how to speak another language and many more things for a hour and thirty minutes. They are people we trust and actually go to for real life things. I can promise you that all 8 of my teachers are people I know I can go to whenever I don’t feel safe, whenever I’m having a bad day, whenever I just need a shoulder to lean on, people I can actually just sit and talk to about things other than school… they truly are my second parents. People don’t understand how much they actually do for us and all the time and energy they put in to us in and outside of school. They have made my first 2 years of high school so fun and have taught me things I thought I would never be interested in learning but the reason I actually am interested in certain things now is because of them and the way they teach us. They make learning enjoyable & make school a place we feel cared and loved for, some students may not feel that way at home but i know a lot of students feel this way at school.

–Sophomore Sophia Daily

I love my teachers because they remind me of the dedication and hard work that my mother showed me growing up. My mother is a college professor, and it has always been something that’s been a huge part of my life. Her schedule was always very different, and it was difficult at times. But I always knew that her job was one of the most important jobs in the world. She was teaching, and helping students who wanted to go out on their own one day with that knowledge, and help others and build a life for themselves. Teachers are at school for 7+ hours a day, teaching students and helping kids who may need some more guidance in school. Not only do they work for those hours in the day, but most also take that work home and spend hours of their own time grading papers and planning lessons for their students. Teachers dedicate so much of their time and effort, just to see us succeed. Teaching is one of the most selfless jobs that I can think of. They want to see us succeed, they guide us through tough times in our lives (especially high school), help us prepare for college, and move us in the right direction when it comes to starting our own lives. A teacher is a mentor, a friend, and a person who many people can rely on for help. I know that my mother and all other teachers deserve respect from everyone because of their hard work, and dedication that they put into making going to school more enjoyable.

–Sophomore Lindsey Glass

Teachers, out of any other job, have the most difficult and stressful one. They’re expected to teach students everything, prepare them for their rest of their lives, and protect them at all costs from a school intruder. These teachers do absolutely everything in their power to influence students’ lives in the best way. Teachers make us who we are today. To all of the teachers, we love you and couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing impact that you not only make on society, but on us as kids. I thank you for everything you do and aspire to be half of the person that you all are.

–Sophomore Matthew Nichols

Thank you so much for believing in me! Thank you for saying I can do it! Thank you for changing my life and so many other students as well! Thank you for coming to school every single day to teach me all the skills I need and preparing me for the future! You are underpaid yet you are expected to teach the future generation and I’m so grateful for you all. I’m so proud to call you all my teachers! Without you, I don’t know how I could have gone this far! You are so valued and deserve so much more! You all are my second family. I LOVE MY TEACHERS!!!

–Senior Sharon Chen

I’ve spent around 1/10 of my life in school. That’s 15,000 hours in school, with a teacher. I can’t put into words what each and every one of my teachers has done for me, what they’ve taught me, what they’ve sacrificed for me, to better prepare me for the future, not just in school, but in life. They are more than just my teachers, I would call them family. They give me advice on any of my problems, when I need someone to talk to, they’re always there. I support ALL my teachers, and will continue to support them always.

–Senior Yousef Agoub