10 Things to Take Away from High School

High school is a stepping stone in coming closer to deciding who you want to be. The tough tests, life decisions and social interactions we make teach us valuable lessons about what we should do, shouldn’t do and what deserves our attention.


Hadeel Abdallah

A phone, headphones, and pencils are just some of the most important high school essentials.

Here is some advice from fellow seniors that can help you navigate through the waves of high school.

  1. Your Friends Define You

According to Psychology Today, the five people you spend the most time with will affect who you are as a person. If you’re around people that do certain things and think a certain a way, you will subconsciously accept their way of thinking and “doing.” It’s important to choose good friends that you wouldn’t mind being similar to.

Senior Jake Whitt put it best when he said, “You should be around people that motivate you and help you become the best version of yourself.”

  1. Respect Will Take You Far

When you respect yourself, your teachers, and your peers that will automatically make a more likable and nicer person.

Senior Daniel Wahl said, “Having respect for others is a fundamental principle for one to have success in life, and though things may not always go your way it is important to respect the ideas, opinions, and decisions of others.”

  1. Flash Cards Are Helpful

If you ever wonder why you aren’t able to get the material you’re trying to study, it’s probably because you aren’t remembering it well enough. Making flashcards can help drill it into your brain.

According to Best Grades Blog, color coordinating your flashcards can help increase memory retention.

  1. Bring a Phone Charger to School

Even if your phone has full charge in the morning, you never know if it’s going to turn into your mini laptop that day. Phone chargers are always a good idea.

  1. Time Management Is Crucial

Setting specific times to get certain tasks done is an efficient way to utilize your time wisely. This is especially important when you have a job, sport, and other extracurricular activities on top of your homework and studying.

  1. True Fulfillment Is Found After Hard Work

You’ll feel better when you finish your assignments strongly and you’ll feel happier about your hard work later on.

Senior Maryam Bukhari said, “Despite the annoyance I felt when I was given a hard assignment, the satisfaction I felt after completing it made me feel like it was all worth it.”

  1. Keep Snacks In Your Backpack

There are going to be those days where you forget your money at home and you’re going to be really hungry. Throwing in some Cheez-Its and a PB&J sandwich in your backpack can help boost your attention, according to EatingWell, because when your body’s hunger needs are satisfied it makes it easier to focus on different tasks throughout the day.

  1. Things Won’t Always Go Your Way

And that is fine, because life is all about compromise and accepting new things.

  1. Be Nice.

You’ll be surprised at the kind of opportunities and reactions you get just for following this simple rule. If you turn in an assignment late to a teacher with a good reason, they tend to be more forgiving if you’re simply nice to them.”

  1. Coffee and An Apple Are an Easy Way to Stay Awake

If for some reason you couldn’t get that good amount of sleep your body needs for crucial health development, drinking coffee and eating an apple is the fastest way to get you to wake up and not crash as badly hours later.

Senior Fatima Siddiqi said, “I never leave the house without my cup of coffee and I keep an apple with me at all times. It keeps my energy up and it keeps me awake throughout the day—I’ve done this since freshman year and it works like a charm.”