Teens are more accepting than you think

The Lamplighter is hopeful that the problems of the past might just stay there…

Teens are more accepting than you think

It’s funny how today most teens don’t really care about issues that have adults up in arms. To spend time at the government level arguing about where public school kids go to the bathroom seems like a real waste of time to us here at the Lamplighter. In the media we see more and more acceptance, like the new commercial campaign for Jazz Jennings, an openly transgender teen.

While doing a series of stories (see related stories)  focused on our LGBT peers at Dunbar, we came to find that there are still those who are uncomfortable with what they don’t understand, but for the most part, many students were open to allowing others around them to be who they are, feel what they feel, and live how they want to live.

We’re proud of you, Dunbar.

Let’s hope that in the future, our tax dollars can be spent on more important issues and that our legislators work to include everyone instead of dividing people even further.