Breakfast and Brunch at Wild Eggs

Lexington residents are scrambling to Wild Eggs, a new restaurant in Palomar Centre, to taste the delicacies of breakfast, brunch and lunch. The restaurant originated in Louisville and the owner opened up Lexington’s first franchised location in the beginning of February. Wild Eggs also has locations in Denver, CO.

Wild Eggs has already received numerous accolades in the restaurant world. According to the restaurant’s website, they were voted the best breakfast/brunch restaurant in Louisville in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In an effort to keep up with the economic competition of Louisville, Lexington is ready to expand its food base with the new restaurant.

The menu at Wild Eggs covers almost all of the classic breakfast favorites. The restaurant, open until 2:30 pm during the week and 3:00 on weekends, serves scrumptious pancakes, French toast, waffles and (of course) lots of eggs and omelets. I had the opportunity of visiting Lexington’s newest breakfast joint to try out the fantastic menu.

The first thing I noticed as I entered Wild Eggs was the atmosphere. The Palomar restaurant is constantly filled with people, exemplifying the demand for the amazing food and quality service. The wait is on average 40 minutes, but Wild Eggs kindly provides complimentary coffee to customers waiting for their tables. After over an hour, my pager buzzed, signifying that it was time to try Wild Eggs for the first time. I was eager to taste the restaurant’s delicacies.

The first thing I ordered was a pitcher of orange juice to share with my friends. Wild Eggs is known for their freshly squeezed orange juice – so fresh it took about ten minutes from ordering for it to arrive at our table. The juice was an excellent appetizer to precede the amazing food that was to come.

Next, it was time to order the main course. I am typically a picky breakfast eater, so I was worried about the amount of options available. However, I was quickly satisfied with the sourdough French toast and a side of skillet potatoes. The toast was well made and included yummy cinnamon and sugar, accompanied by a large helping of butter. The breakfast potatoes (my personal favorite at restaurants) were the most outstanding part of the meal. My party of three other Dunbar students included seniors Sydney Toth, Erin Pyle and Laira Kelley. Toth ordered a Surfer Girl Omelet, filled with spinach, cream cheese and tomatoes. The omelet was topped with sour cream, as well. She enjoyed the omelet fairly well, especially since the restaurant allowed her to pick and choose which toppings and fillings she desired in her breakfast.

Pyle ordered a regular omelet (known as the “Jax I am eggs and…”) with a unique side: an everything muffin. Similar to an everything bagel you would order at a comparable breakfast restaurant, the muffin includes poppy seeds, onion, garlic, salt, and a tad bit of sugar. For food risk-takers in the Palomar area, the everything muffin is a great way to explore different breakfast options.

The everything muffin can be ordered as a side on numerous entrees. Kelley ordered an array of delicious sides for her meal: bacon, grits and the signature skillet potatoes. Each of these items provides excellent support for even better entrees.

Overall, my experience at Wild Eggs was truly satisfying. I would recommend any first time customers to taste the orange juice, an everything muffin and an egg dish with a side of skillet potatoes. The food, atmosphere, and service at Wild Eggs makes for a satisfying brunch experience.