Gym Etiquette for Dummies

In the past few years as my peers have started lifting weights, I have noticed the development of a disturbing trend. Many people my age are not educated on standard weight room manners, and it has become incredibly annoying. It is my hope that by identifying common errors, people will begin correcting their mistakes and create a much more enjoyable environment for all. There are many frustrating mistakes that are made, including what I call “girlfriend day.”

I often see a guy my age come into the weight room with his girlfriend. It is understandable that you want to show them how “stupid yoked” you are, but unfortunately you cause some issues. First of all, your girlfriend is taking up valuable space in an already-cramped gym. She might make your ego feel a little better, but in the end she is simply in everyone else’s way. Perhaps a better way to spend time together is to go on some kind of romantic food excursion. We can call it a “date”.

Another problem I frequently see is the “safety in numbers” group. Every once in a while I will see a group of 4 to 8 guys come into the gym together.  Going to the gym with a buddy can help stay you stay motivated, but bringing your whole team is a touch excessive. After school the gym is usually packed, and there is no extra room for a dozen of your buddies. When the gym is crowded it is important to work out efficiently so you don’t inconvenience others.

A third issue I have noticed is guys trying to do way too much weight because a girl is nearby. Instead of looking super ripped and awesome, they almost always end up not being able to lift the weight. Instead of looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger they end up looking like an 8 year old girl with severe confidence issues. Believe it or not, girls don’t find such shenanigans attractive.

I call the last type of annoying gym go-er is called the “fashionista”. Sometimes at the gym, I run across a guy who looks like he spent 400 dollars on his workout clothes. Everything matches and is brand new, including a sick new pair of those obnoxious Nike socks. This is the same guy who wears a headband and tapes his wrists to go run on the tread mill. I really don’t have any justifiable reason to hate on this particular guy, I just do. It is important to decide whether or not you are on the runway or at the gym.

These errors are forgivable if a lifter is just ill informed, but I hope that after realizing their errors many offenders will change their crappy habits. Small changes can make big differences in the overall gym experience for everyone else. Whether it be the “girlfriend day” guy, the “safety in numbers” guy, or the “fashionista” guy, I hope that by learning proper manners people will stop being super obnoxious in the gym.