The Classy and Quirky

Before colorful scheduling cards are passed out in January, students may want to consider the many class options that Dunbar has to offer. Aside from required core classes, unique electives provide creative learning opportunities that students may not be aware of. These classes range from Creative Crafts to Ethnic Minority Studies, but the opportunities are endless. Enrolling in a unique elective next year can add some diversity to your typical schedule.

If you consider yourself an artistic student, Creative Crafts is a new class to Dunbar that began in the fall of 2013. This hands-on class taught by Mrs. Rebecca Banks allows students to experiment with different crafts you could find on Pinterest. These crafts include embossing, beadwork and stained glass, according to the Course Directory. The numerous students crocheting around the building are a primary example of how hands-on this crafting class is.

If the arts aren’t your strongest suit, you may find a Social Studies elective, Ethnic Minority Studies, to be of interest. This class focuses on the impact that American culture has on minorities, both in their strengths and struggles. Junior Addy Draper took this class and was impressed by the exposure to different cultures she received.

“I learned a lot about Native Americans and Mexican Americans and the struggles of these groups due to their background,” said Draper.

I have had my fair share of unique electives during my four years at Dunbar. As a junior, I took AP Art History, a new college course offered by the school. This class covers information

from cave paintings to modern sculpture. Art History made me eager to study abroad when I am in college so I can see all of the magnificent buildings and sculptures around the world. I think that everyone should take one of these creative classes to break the mold of standard curriculum.

Taking these classes might open your mind to new career choices and interests. For example, I was purely seeking a future in math or science until taking Art History last school year. Now, I know that I want to attend a liberal arts college where I can study both. They also help to develop a well-rounded education for going to college. But most importantly, they are neat opportunities unique to your school.

“Taking a unique elective is a fun way to learn at school,” said Draper. “It is better to take something you have interest in than to schedule classes that you won’t gain anything from.”

Students who are interested in more of these unique electives may want to explore the Course Directory, located on the right side of the Dunbar website homepage, to get a full glimpse of the classes available to them. There are also a plethora of new opportunities yet to be released by the guidance office, so students will have a greater variety of options when scheduling commences in January. Nonetheless, considering a new elective for the 2014-2015 school year will add diversity to your typical curriculum.