Dunbar Needs an Intramural Volleyball Team

Playing volleyball has always been one of my interests. Unfortunately as a male, volleyball is not available to me as a student at Dunbar. Title XI declares that for every male sport, a female sport must be offered. Volleyball is offset by football in high school, which means that a men’s volleyball team cannot be offered. While an argument could be made that this is unfair and poorly written legislation, I instead want to focus on a solution. If intramural volley were to be offered to male students, the restrictions of title XI could be avoided.

Intramural volleyball could be played before school starts. This would eliminate all conflicts with other sports that require gym space in the afternoon. The “league” could be co-ed and teams could be chosen by players. This maintains a relaxed environment instead of a highly competitive one. Games could be roughly 15 minutes long which would limit the time other teams spend waiting for the court. If executed correctly, this intramural volleyball league could be productive for anyone interested.

Instead of only offering certain sports because a law requires it, why not offer sports that are in demand. Labeling volleyball as an intramural makes it a fitting activity for male students who want to play for fun. At the end of the day, sports are supposed to be fun, and a low stress activity before school could be exactly what Dunbar needs.