Facebook Privacy Scandal


Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive officer of Facebook, was interviewed by the Senate April 10-11. He was questioned about Facebook allegedly leaking users’ information in the 2016 election, and gathering users’ personal information without proper authorization.

A lawsuit has been made against the company for making, “materially false and misleading statements” regarding privacy policies.

Lawmakers in the House and Senate asked Mr. Zuckerberg questions regarding privacy such as whether the company intentionally censors content.

Zuckerberg said Facebook “made mistakes,” and the company announced how users can safely protect information. They also promised tighter security, but some users are skeptical.

“If you have a cell phone, if you have a social security number, if you have any form of banking or anything, you’re always susceptible to some kind of invasion of privacy…I think we’re always taking a chance,” said library assistant, Mrs. Hazel Compton who stated that she is more careful with what she posts online.

Others aren’t as concerned.

“I’m an open person and I don’t post much,” sophomore NuNu Vorkpor said. “I think that social media is a place where you should be open to the public since you can’t just hide everything.”