Security in Dunbar’s Parking Lot


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  • 2015-16 PLD parking sticker

  • Staff Reporter Paige Isaac made a public proposal for security cameras in the student lot.

Seniors and juniors are able to apply for parking applications to park on campus early in the fall, but because many are unhappy about security in Dunbar’s lot, there have been fewer parking stickers sold this year than in past years.

A $25 application fee and a valid Kentucky driver’s license are required to obtain a parking application from Dunbar’s Law Enforcement office.

“I didn’t get a parking sticker because of the fact that I have to pay $25 to park my car at my own risk,” said senior Charlie Leppo. “Car theft is a risk to everyone, and I don’t want to pay for that risk if we don’t have security cameras.” It’s no secret that theft has been a lingering issue at our school, and already having reports of suspicious activity in the parking lot this year has everyone feeling uneasy.

I don’t want to pay for that risk if we don’t have security cameras.

— Charlie Leppo

Leppo said that the “park at your own risk” situation is the specific reason so many students have not, and will not, purchase a parking sticker.

The idea of petitioning for security cameras in the parking lot has been mentioned by several students on Twitter with widespread student (and alumni) support.

There are students currently attending Dunbar that have experienced the stress of the break-in. During the 2014-15 school year, senior Aliya Malik’s car was broken into, and the suspects smoked marijuana in her car. Upon further inspection, she said, it was discovered that there was also damage to the interior of her vehicle.

“I was sitting in class when someone texted me, and said someone had broken into my car,” she said. “The suspects were never caught.”

We didn’t get to find out who it was due to a lack of security. I think that’s why people aren’t buying parking stickers.

— Aliya Malik

These types of issues are what has prompted students to ask for more security in the parking lot; however, administration feels like students could prevent a lot of issues with theft if they were more careful.

Assistant Principal Mr. Tony Blackman said the biggest factor going into the security problem is that the cars that have been broken into are generally left unlocked.

“There have always been things in sight,” said Mr. Blackman. “From my experience, students who are skipping or walking in the parking lot literally going from car to car, pulling on door handles to see if they are open.”

Administration explained that there are no plans to update the parking lot or to install security cameras at this time because there is no funding.

“If we were to cover our entire parking lot, it would at least be at least $60,000,” said  Mr. Blackman.

Dunbar doesn’t keep the revenue from parking stickers. All the money is sent to FCPS.

“Law enforcement isn’t paid by Dunbar, they’re paid by the district,” said Mr. Blackman. “The fee for parking stickers goes towards Fayette County, so we don’t get to decide how it is used or spent.”

We can brainstorm with the students to come up with ideas. We’re open to working with students to come up with a solution.