Weather Make Up Days

This winter has been one of the coldest, with record breaking temperatures in the negatives. In Fayette County, there have been 14 snow days with a possibility of more in the future. While many kids and teenagers have been enjoying the days off school to go sledding, play in the snow, or catch up on sleep, FCPS has been altering the school  calendar to make up for the lost days.

Kentucky state laws require schools to have 177 days of education per school year. There is only an exception if a state of emergency is declared, 20 days are missed consecutively, or the governor or General Assembly approves a change.

As of now, the 2013-2014 school year will extended into the first few weeks of June, which will push back finals and graduation. For the last several years it has been a tradition for graduation to be held at Rupp Arena but with the date of graduation still being debated, graduation may be moved to the football field.

State law requires eight weeks of summer vacation between each school year meaning that Fayette County may keep their students in school no further than June 13th.

When the school calendar was being created, a few flexible make up days were placed into the year in case of snow days. April 25 and May 29 will now be make up snow days.

The school board voted to use March 21, which was originally a records day, as a make up day.

FCPS was not able to anticipate the number of snow days that would occur this year, so the rest of the make-up days will be added on to the end of the year. This means that the school year will go until June 6, if not later depending how much more snow Lexington receives.

Since Dunbar works on a block rotation schedule, April 25 and May 28 will both be B days and the rest of the year will follow the typical A-B-A-B schedule.  To see the official schedule visit