Nokia Take Over

With Microsoft buying out Nokia for $7.17 billion, many people are wondering how Apple maintain the stranglehold it has had on the Smartphone market since the release of the iPhone.

Microsoft has a long and documented history of avoiding getting into the hardware market in order to avoid irritating their partners from the 1980’s in the early days of computing. However, on Sept. 3 Microsoft bought out Nokia. This means that Microsoft is moving into the handset market to compete with Apple and possibly with long-time business partner, HTC.

This does not mean that Microsoft is abandoning the Windows Phone. While they may be moving in on the hardware market it is still too risky for them to totally abandon their traditional, not to mention successful, practice of focusing on the software aspect of their products.

Apple on the other hand, announced the release dates of the new iPhone 5S and 5C. Despite the blatant attempt to crash the party fashionably late.

“I don’t think they should release them so close, they just want to seem trendy and new,” said sophomore Aujia Hines.

 Apple’s stock, NYSE Ticker: AAPL has fallen dramatically.

It can’t be said which giant will come out on top as both the new Windows Phone and iPhone 6 release dates have not been announced. We do know one thing for sure; it’s about to go down between the software giants….. and Microsoft’s new phone will be indestructible.