A Day in the Life of the School Librarian

Mrs. Summer Perry has been the school librarian since 2012.

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  • Ms. Perry does a lot of work around the library, but a big part of her day is helping students with tech problems.

  • Ms. Perry purchases new books every year to keep up with student demand. She always make sure that Dunbar has popular titles available.

  • Lots of decorations are made by Ms. Perry in the library to encourage students to pick up different genres.

  • Ms. Perry sees many of the same students every week. She has built a bond with many because of how enthusiastic and caring she is to all the people she meets.

  • Sometimes Ms. Perry helps teach classes for absent teachers and helps students learn how to research and use library resources.

  • Ms. Perry puts stickers on most books to categorize them by genre. The PLD library doesn’t use the Dewey Decimal system, but instead categorizes and shelves by genre.

  • The library is accessible to all students, and even includes collections of fidget toys and sensory items for students to use.

  • Ms. Perry shows some of the stickers she puts behind the library desk. Most of them represent things she enjoys doing and relates to like her home state of Texas. She said it’s important to show her personality to students so they can make connections.

  • These are some detailed descriptions of Ms. Perry so students can learn more about her. She has been given the “Top Dawg” award many times.