Dunbar’s Annual Culture Fair

Every year, the World History classes host an event for students to share their cultures and learn about each other.

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  • Adithya Rajesh singing his original song written in Hindi for the students attending the fair.

  • This is what a typical board looks like at the fair. The multiple items on the table are used to create a deeper connection with the fair’s visitors and the country they are looking at.

  • A Himalayan singing bowl was brought in for Nepal. The Bowl is filled with water and hit on the edge with a soft mallet that vibrates the water inside. This ringing is said to bring good health and increase happiness for the ones listening.

  • A student representing her family’s Chinese traditions plays a Guzheng as her performance. The Guzheng has anywhere from 21 to 32 strings and is a pluck-string instrument. It sounds like a fast spring or grasshopper because of the speed the strings are usually plucked at. This performance brought the best feedback and was the favorite performance for most of the students attending.

  • Two students performing a traditional Bali dance with lots of enthusiasm as the visitors clap to the beat of the music. This performance had multiple short 20-30 second songs created into one dance.

  • This is a traditional Indian game called Carrom played by flicking the pieces with your fingers; the goal is to get the pieces into a pocket in the corners of the board. The board is typically made out of glass or smooth wood and is covered in fine powder for the pieces to slide on a softer surface.

  • Juniors Shreya and Amelia and senior Tanisha show us their unique traditional Indian dresses. The dresses are typically made with eye-popping colors and are worn to the ankles.

  • The culture fair offered many culturally diverse foods from different countries for students to try.

  • At the end of the fair, the club leads the students in a dance brought by a student from last year. The dance was relatively easy so many students joined the club members.

  • While two singers perform a song in both English and Chinese, a dancer performs in the back.