Pottery Masks

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  • The masks the students make in the pottery class are life-size and can be used as something to wear.

  • A pottery student glazing their mask before they submit it for their final bisque firing.

  • A mask made by a student resembling a devil which symbolizes anger, danger, and fear.

  • A mask made by a student resembling the Northwest African culture of mask making.

  • Another devil mask without glaze and more attaching forms that extrude out of the main clay piece.

  • A small portion of the glaze colors the students used for their masks.

  • A unique mask made still being glazed by a student with a clear coating which helps give the color a glossy effect.

  • A collection of masks that are waiting to be bisque fired so that the true color of the glaze pops out.

  • Another unique mask with large extruding holes that let air pass through the mask decreasing the risk of air hole explosions in the bisque firing.

  • A mask that is almost completed and shows the range of colors that can be used on a single mask.