PLD Teachers Get into the Halloween Spirit

This year, several teachers dressed up to give their students a spooky surprise.

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  • School Media and Technology teachers Mrs. Kim Overstreet and Mrs. Summer Perry brought Hogwarts to Dunbar.

  • Media Arts teacher Mrs. Wendy Turner channeled “Carrie,” a character from the Stephen King novel.

  • Ms. Katherine Blackard, a Life Skills teacher, showed her Halloween spirit dressed as a mama hen.

  • Guidance staff Ms. Stevie Hightman and Ms. Karen Callahan showed up as Minnie Mouse and a hippie.

  • Mr. Sean Carter, a math teacher, wore a pumpkin costume that belonged to his mother.

  • In the Guidance office, Ms. DePew showed off a creepy Halloween sweater.

  • Social Studies teacher Mrs. Michelle Williams showed her knowledge of history by dressing as “Rosie the Riveter.”

  • English teacher Ms. Laska Anderson brought a groovy vibe to school with her 60s costume.

  • Social studies teachers Mrs. Myers, Mrs. Crovo and Mrs. Thurston came to school as the “Three Blind Mice” from the nursery rhyme.

  • Always one for school spirit, this teacher came dressed as a Sasquatch. Can you guess who it is?

  • French teacher, Mrs. Jennifer McNely, came as a marathon runner.

  • English teacher Mrs. Kari Long dressed as a referee complete with a whistle.

  • Drama and English teacher, Mrs. Brooke Jackson, brought The Little Mermaid to PLD with her Ursula costume.

  • Fun-loving Physics teacher, Mr. Scot Gill came dressed as a game controller.

  • Social studies teachers Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Bilkha, and Mr. Wilkinson are the supreme court case, “Tinker v. Des Moines.” The brother and sister that wore peace sign arm bands to protest the Vietnam war lols. Mr. Wilkinson is the principal that kicked them out of school.