A New Look: PLD’s COVID Precautions

Teachers and students alike are excited to be going back to school. Here are some changes that have been made to keep everyone safe and healthy.

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  • Students are required to go through metal detectors when entering the school to help ensure everyone’s safety.

  • This is the new attendance station, built during quarantine, off in the front lobby of the school.

  • As you come into the school, past the metal detectors, you walk through this carefully laid out area to go to your classes.

  • This is a new high-tech temperature checker. You simply walk past it and it picks up your temperature. If you have a fever, an alarm goes off to alert you and the faculty.

  • You’ll find signs like this all over the school as a reminder to stay on the correct side of the hallway for the direction that you are going in order to stay as socially distanced as possible.

  • New posters on the Dunbar walls help remind students to wear their masks and stay six feet apart.

  • In order to socially distance, there are only two people allowed in the bathroom at once.

  • Another poster to help students understand and follow all the new regulations that keep everyone healthy and safe.

  • Another ‘stay right’ sign to remind students to be on the correct side of the stairs when going up or down in order to maintain social distancing.

  • Students are not allowed to drink from water fountains but are free to use the water bottle fill-up feature.

  • These ‘stay six feet apart’ stickers are throughout all the halls of Dunbar as a reminder to socially distance so we can keep everyone safe.

  • On the Dunbar walls, you will find more ‘keep right’ signs where the hall splits into two and makes a circle. Students must around in the correct direction.

  • This is our beloved Mr. Egan’s classroom following the new desk regulations to prevent the spread of COVID. All desks must be facing the same direction and there will be required seating charts in each class.

  • Many teachers’ rooms have also had plexiglass installed at their desks in order to help prevent any spread of COVID-19.

  • Dunbar has also installed new hand sanitizer dispensers in every classroom for everyone to use.

  • As an added precaution, every classroom is now required to have an air purifier to help ensure students are breathing in clean air.

  • Many changes have been made to the PLD library; there are no longer any desktop computers for student use and everyone will be spaced out to follow social distancing standards.

  • This is the new layout of the Dunbar cafeteria to achieve minimal contact between students. Everyone will be assigned to a chair and will be sitting with one other student.