Safety Measures Around The Town

As COVID-19 continues to spread, most companies are maintaining the health and hygiene protocols that they implemented to keep customers safe. Lamplighter’s photo editor, Jack Naehr, visited stores around Lexington to see what safety measures they are using.

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  • Two Wal-mart workers stand at the front of the store to make sure everyone coming in wears a mask.

  • A “mask up” sign is located at the entrance to Walmart to prevent the spread of disease inside the building.

  • This floor sticker, located by the checkout at Walmart, is a reminder to stay six feet away from other people.

  • Hand sanitizer stations around the store offer customers a way to stay clean.

  • At Wal-mart, all the sanitized carts are kept in a separate area so customers can avoid touching used carts.

  • Kroger also keeps cleaned carts separate to help customers stay safe.

  • Protective glass was installed at the Kroger check out stations to place a barrier between the cashier and the shopper.

  • There is a maximum capacity sign to let everyone know that the number of shoppers allowed is limited in order to promote social distancing.

  • The cleaning station at Kroger is for workers to keep all surfaces sanitized.

  • At the entrance to Carol Martin Gatton Beaumont YMCA, there is a sign that states masks are required. They took this precaution to make sure all visitors are safe.