PLD Drama Presents Freaky Friday

The fall musical produced by PLD’s Musical Theater class was presented on Dec. 12-14.

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  • The whole cast gathers for the last scene of the play after Olivia Wells (Katherine) and Camille Radhakrishnan (Ellie) get switched back.

  • Olivia Wells (Katherine) and Camile Radhakrishnan(Ellie) are trying to switch back into their original bodies with the magical hour glass.

  • Olivia Wells (Katherine) and Darin Hinshaw (Mike) are at the alter getting married.

  • At the “Hunt” – a game created by the students, they have a dance line where people can show off their moves. Eli Brown (ensemble) shows off his moves here.

  • Savannah Scott and Lola Campbell (ensemble) show off their mirroring dance moves to the students.

  • Adam (Parker Noe) finds out that Ellie (Camille Radhakrishnan) likes him too after bringing Fletcher (Jake Thomas) back home.

  • Katherine (Olivia Wells) and Ellie (Camille Radhakrishnan) talking to the police after they lose Fletcher (Jake Thomas).

  • Fletcher (Jake Thomas) is running away from home and is then greeted by Adam (Parker Noe) who helps him realize that the right thing to do is not to run away.

  • Fletcher (Jake Thomas) is upset because of what his ‘mother’ is telling him about parenting.

  • Fletcher (Jake Thomas) wants to catch a bus and run away from his family.

  • Katherine (Olivia Wells) in Ellie’s (Camille Radhakrishnan) body trying to figure out how to act around Adam (Parker Noe).

  • Katherine (Olivia Wells) in Ellie’s body (Camille Radhakrishnan) trying to learn the ropes of High School.

  • Katherine (Olivia Wells) and Mike (Darin Henshaw) practicing their wedding dance and knocking over the cake.

  • Lead roles, Olivia Wells and Camille Radhakrishan, after switching bodies and trying to figure out how to navigate the day.

  • Mike (Darin Henshaw) and Fletcher (Jake Thomas) dancing during the finale.