Prom 2019: Arabian Nights

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  • Lamplighter staff members junior Matthew Nichols and senior Darius Derden.

  • Jenna McCauley and her boyfriend Niraj Rama dance together.

  • Luke Thomas takes a group video of al his friends dancing to the music.

  • Seth and Kalinda share a sweet moment at the beginning of the night.

  • Isadora Koch and Jason O’hara take a picture in front of the Arabian Nights decorations.

  • Eleanor Davis. Kennedy Gayheart, and Teagan Garrison show off their beautiful dresses.

  • Hiba Malik and her date, Jake Smith, smiling for the camera.

  • A couple dances together, enjoying their first prom.

  • Aiiden Robinson walking to join the rest of the prom king nominees.

  • Taylor Colony and Adam Talwalker after being crowned prom king and queen.

  • Olivia Doyle and Kristin Bruins take a quick picture before returning to the dance.

  • Junior, Maddy Bates dances with her friends.

  • English teacher, Mrs. Jones, passes out roses to the 2019 prom court.

  • Parker Noe, Ethan Carlile, and Elizabeth George, on the dance floor flashing a smile to the camera.

  • The Thomas brothers pose for a picture on the dance floor.

  • A couple shows off their matching blue prom gear.

  • A group of friends pose for a picture while enjoying themselves at prom.

  • The DJ sprays fog, while students dance to the music.

The 2019 prom theme was Arabian Nights and the event was held at the Carrick House in downtown Lexington. Dunbar students and their guests enjoyed a beautiful night.